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It's cat month this April! 🐈 Save 5% when you purchase any 3 items from our cat-themed stationery collection - SHOP NOW
It's cat month this April! 🐈 Save 5% when you purchase any 3 items from our cat-themed stationery collection - SHOP NOW
Stationery for Camping

Stationery for Camping

This time of year is popular for camping in Australia and we're dreaming of a camping trip! It's not too hot and not too cold, the skies are clear and calm and there are lots of long weekends to look forward to. What kinds of things do you like to do when you go camping?
@suepillans via Instagram

(@suepillans via Instagram)

Have you ever taken your journal or art and craft activities with you on a camping trip? Camping can be a great time to disconnect from technology! Bring activities that are fun and relaxing, can help you reflect on your day, become more present and connected to the outdoors.

Read on for our tips on journaling supplies and activities to take on camping trips!
Art books to take camping

What Kinds of Activities Are Good to Take on Camping Trips?

- A dot grid journal or lined journal for reflecting on your day or writing down thoughts and ideas that come to you while you take a break from technology.
- Mindfulness Books are a great way to connect with yourself and become more present in nature. Try out Art of Mindfulness, Present Not Perfect, Inner F*cking Peace or A Journey Within
- Colouring books can be a nice activity to kill some time in the quiet part of the day or a nice way to relax without technology. The Woodland Wild Colouring Book would be our camping trip pick!
- A sketchbook is great for sketching in nature.
@lesleyalexanderart via Instagram

(@lesleyalexanderart via Instagram)

- A puzzle is a nice activity to do with your family or friends around a camp table! Just make sure you pack a piece of cardboard so you can move the puzzle to the car boot when you're not working on it!
- Art books - if you're feeling creative in nature but you're not sure how or what to draw, try one of our art books with lots of tips and ideas for what to create in nature. Try out Draw Your Day, 365 Days of Art in Nature & Peggy Dean's Guide to Nature Drawing & Water Colour
- Water Colours + Water Brushes. These are great for painting on the go and using outdoors. Water colour can be messy and a great activity to do outdoors.
Art Supplies to take camping

Art Supplies to Pack on your Camping Trip:

- Art books! There's nothing like getting creative in the outdoors.
- Sketchbook. You'll need a sketchbook for your nature sketches. (We love the Mossery Mixed Media Camping themed sketchbook).
- Blue Q Bag to store all of your supplies. The water resistent material will keep your belongings protected.
- Derwent Colouring pencils (They come in a tin which is portable and will protect your pencils)
- Tombow Fudenosuke Hard Tip Brush Pen. This pen is great for sketching and lettering.
- Water Colour Paint Pan Set - This pan is portable, which makes it great for taking camping. The Terrain colour palette is perfect for painting in nature.
- Aqua Brush Set - fill your pen with water and start water colouring! These portable water colours are great for painting outdoors where you don't have a table or space for a water glass.
Camping stationery

Journaling Supplies to Take on your Camping Trip:

- Blue Q Pouch or Pencil Cases are great because they're made from water resistant material and will keep your pens & pencils safe.
- Kitta Washi Tapes are portable and don't take up a lot of room. We picked the map and landscape designs as they are perfect for decorating your camp journals!
- Journal (We like the Mossery Camping themed dot grid notebook or this Peter Pauper Press Journal - Wherever You Go, Go with All Your Heart.)
- Okataoka Camping themed notebook. Write down ideas on the go with this cute little camping themed notebook.
- Mildliner + Gel Pen pack - if you don't want to bring the whole set, these mildliner and gel pen combos are great for all of your essential journaling needs.
- Your favourite camp themed stickers! 1. Cozy Sticker - Camp, 2. Hanko Seal - Life, 3.  Pipsticks In-Tents Camping Trip, 4. Pipsticks Capture the Moment, 5. Pipsticks Perfect Picnic, 6. Pipsticks S'more Fun Outdoors
Camping themed stickers

Camping Bucket List (For stationery lovers):

1. Draw a map of the place you are visiting.
2. Write about your day.
3. Collect leaves, flowers, shells or souvenirs for your journal. Document them by adding them to your journal, creating a rubbing using pencil shading or taking a photo to add to your journal. @raising_up_wild_things via Instagram

(@raising_up_wild_things via Instagram)

4. Make a cup of tea or hot chocolate camping style! Don't forget to have it alongside a roasted marshmallow.
5. Read a book in your tent by torch-light.
6. Play a game or do a puzzle.
7. Nature Sketching - draw or paint a nature scene, tree, leaf, animal etc. @drawingwithher via Instagram

(@drawingwinther via Instagram)

8. Try a mindfulness activity in nature.
9. Find and document different star constellations.
10. Go for a walk in nature and take photos of what you see.
Camping flake stickers

How cute are these new Mo.Card Camping Flake Stickers?

You can shop our whole range of camping themed stationery here!

Where are you planning your next camping trip? Let us know if you try any of these tips and don't forget to share your camp & holiday journaling spreads and happy mail with us! Just tag us @washigang on Instagram or in our Facebook Group for your chance to win a $20 gift voucher. Enter as many times as you like during the month of April.

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