Brand Spotlight: Classiky

We’d like to introduce our very new segment, Brand Spotlight, where we get to know the story behind our favourite brands and designers making the products we all love! Prepare yourselves to be charmed by this week’s Brand Spotlight - Classiky!

Mihani x Classiky Washi Tape: Ranch | Toraneko Bonbon X Classiky Packaging Tape: Africa

Started over 40 years ago by the brands president Mr Tanabe, the craftsmanship and attention to detail is what makes Classiky stand out as a high quality brand. Designed and produced solely in Japan, Classiky is based in Kurashiki, a historical town in the Okayama prefecture.

Mitsou x Classiky Washi Tape | Tomomi Irago x Classiky Washi Tape: Design Set A

Classiky makes stationery, craft materials and homewares with an elegance and simplistic style that mixes heritage with original designs. The thoughtful packaging designs, traditional techniques and the bright pops of colour used in their range really speaks to the quality of the Classiky craftsmanship. Often choosing materials to inspire a design and production processes with the intention to revive traditional hand made techniques, Classiky values the importance of creating products out of love and conserving classical and traditional production practices, over using faster modern machines. Mr Tanabe, the president of Classiky, finds beauty in the details of irregularities and imperfections that come with the hand made processes.

Tomomi Irago x Classiky Wasi Tape: Butterfly | Sennokoto x Classiky Washi Tape: Animal Faces

Mr Tanabe aims to create a story behind each product, on how they were produced, how the idea was born and who designed them and with which technique, so that their signature style is unique to Classiky. One of the special elements of Classiky designs is the artist collaborations! There is even an exhibition space in the shop Atiburanti in Kurashiki, so that artists who do collaborations with Classiky can display their art works and visitors can learn more about the artists and the stories behind their work.
Yoko Inoue x Classiky Washi Tapes: Weekly | Mihani x Classiky Washi Tape: Friends

A brand with traditional Japanese charms that is crafted with excellence! We hope you enjoyed getting to know a little more about Classiky and the story behind those beautiful products!

Toraneko Bonbon x Classiky Sticker Roll: Dogs | Toraneko Bonbon x Classiky Sticker Roll: Cats | Toraneko Bonbon x Classiky Washi Tape: Cat Life

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