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7 Bullet Journal YouTube Channels from Australia & New Zealand

7 Bullet Journal YouTube Channels from Australia & New Zealand!

Lately, we've been hearing from our WashiGang customers that it's hard to find YouTube Channels that are from Australia & New Zealand. Living in the Southern Hemisphere, means that our planning & journaling style can be a little bit different. Especially when it comes to the SEASONS! We've got a hot Christmas holidays at the beach and a mid-year winter and Halloween time is always SPRING and there are no pumpkins about.

Do you like to watch YouTube for your bujo inspiration? If not, give it a try! It's a great way to learn more about bullet journaling.

We've found a bunch of super talented Australian & New Zealander Bullet Journal YouTube Channels for you to subscribe to!

7 Bullet Journal YouTube Channels from Australia & New Zealand to Subscribe to!

Vero Bujo - AUS

Vero is a bujo, watercolour and calligraphy artist from Canberra, Australia. Watch Vero's videos for tips and bujo spread ideas, along with a few other videos about creativity and sustainability. Be prepared for lots of ocean & nature themed bujo spreads, beautiful hand lettering & calligraphy, watercolour & hand drawn illustrations in Vero's bujo.
Subscribe to Vero Bujo on YouTube here!

Little Miss Rose - NZ

Little Miss Rose is a bullet journalist, hand-letterer and creative from Wellington, New Zealand. Rose's YouTube channel is filled with plan with me videos and they're so soothing to watch. I could watch Rose painting water colours and drawing bujo spreads all day!
Subscribe to Little Miss Rose on YouTube here!

Erin Smith - AUS

Erin Smith is a bullet journal & stationery artist from Brisbane, Australia. Erin has a clean & functional bullet journal style, with beautiful hand drawn illustrations and collaged elements in pastel palettes. Watch Erin's videos for Bujo plan with me videos and flip throughs, stationery unboxing and reviews, and lots of journaling tips and inspo!
Subscribe to Erin Smith of YouTube here!

Essjay Florals - AUS

Essjay Florals is a botanical, ink & watercolour artist from Perth, Australia. Sarah creates stunning floral illustrations and hand lettering, which you can see more of on Instagram @essjay_florals. However, you should also watch Sarah's gorgeous watercolour tutorial videos on YouTube. Subscribe to Essjay Florals on YouTube here!

Eye Sea Studio - AUS

Eye Sea Studio is a bullet journal and calligraphy artist from Sydney, Australia. Icy creates stunning calligraphy & hand lettering bujo spreads, as well as collage style bujo spreads. Icy's spreads are often filled with beautiful calligraphy quotes, collage elements, bold contrasts and pops of the colour yellow! Watch Icy's videos for stationery unboxing, plan with me bujo spreads, vlogs and tutorials!
Subscribe to Eye Sea Studio on YouTube here!

Jashii Corrin - NZ

Jashii Corron is a bullet journal artist from New Zealand. Jess creates videos with bullet journal ideas for planning, productivity and creativity. If you're stuck for bujo ideas, this is the YouTube channel for you! Watch Jess' videos for heaps of ideas, different themes, product reviews and recommendations, weekly spreads and chats about all things Bullet Journaling! Subscribe to Jashii Corrin on YouTube here!

Library of Kate - AUS

Library of Kate is an English teacher and reading journaler from Canberra, Australia. Kate creates collage style planner and journal layouts. Watch Kate's videos for plan with me reading journal, teacher planner and planner layouts, bookish videos, unboxing videos, product reviews and book recommendations.
Subscribe to Library of Kate on YouTube here!

Don't forget to check out our WashiGang YouTube Channel for flip-through videos, pen tests & more! Subscribe to our WashiGang YouTube Channel here!

Thank you so much for tuning in! We hope you've found some new YouTube Channels to follow and inspire you. If we've left anyone out, please let us know in the comments!

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Nicola Dunn - creative west aussie - November 28, 2022

Thank you so much for this post. I like to watch YouTube clips for bullet journaling and scrapbooking and car making so yes I appreciate Southern Hemisphere one.

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