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Tips and Tricks: Gift Wrapping with Washi Tape

We're getting a bit festive in the WashiGang office today!! Do you enjoy holiday decorating and planning? 

To get into the holiday spirit, we've put together some gift wrapping with washi tape inspo for you! There are so many fun ways to use washi tape for wrapping and cards. It's so much fun! 

So if you're feeling a bit crafty, here is a little inspiration on how to use washi tape in lots of different ways for gift wrapping.

1. Make a washi tape bunting! 
Using a piece of string - fold a piece of washi tape over the string and stick the edges together. Cut a little triangle out from the edge of the tape. Repeat until you have a cute bunting. Check out this tutorial from Laura's Crafty Life on how to make a washi tape bunting if you need any extra tips.

2. Spell out someones name or the first letter of their name using washi tape!
More cute washi tape wrapping tutorials via the Shari's Berries Blog.

3. Make a Christmas tree card, or fancy up a gift bag, using strips of washi tape.
Easy Washi Tape Christmas Tree Treats Bag Tutorial via Food Crafts and Family blog.

4. Use small washi tape strips to decorate your wrapping paper.
You could cut out different shapes or create a pattern. Inspiration via the Almost Makes Perfect Blog: DIY Washi Tape Gift Wrapping.

5. Use washi tape to stick down a little flower, a gift tag or a sprig of rosemary.
Such a sweet idea to add pompoms to your parcel too! Inspo from A Pretty Cool Life blog.

6. Use washi tape to decorate gift tags.
We love how this tutorial by Holly Becker for Decor 8 uses recycled fabric to tie the gift tags. So pretty! If you're feeling extra creative, why not try to create a picture or text to put on the gift tag, using washi tape.

gift tags washi tape

7. Use washi tape to wrap around your gift instead of twine, or to accompany twine.
Inspiration via The Fox and Star.

We hope you have lots of fun getting crafty for Christmas. We're getting carried away over here and are even thinking of making some ornaments with washi tape. So many possibilities!!! Do you have any special washi tape gift wrapping or Christmas crafting tips? 

Make sure you send us your washi wrapping pics when you're finished! You can share them in our WashiGang Facebook group or tag us at @washigang on instagram. We love to re-share your creations. 

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