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Guest Blogger:  Memory Keeping Tips & Tricks with Pages by KC

Guest Blogger: Memory Keeping Tips & Tricks with Pages by KC

Hi Gang! Have you used a Memory Keeping Journal before? We love the idea of treasuring our special photos and memories in a journal, but sometimes it can seem overwhelming wondering where to start. We're so excited to introduce our guest blogger, Kobie (AKA @pagesbykc ) who is an absolute pro at documenting special memories, from family holidays and travel details, to documenting her daughters important life events! Read on for Kobie's tips and tricks on using a Memory Keeping Journal!

Hi WashiGang crew!

Its Kobie here, from @pagesbykc. I hope you are all keeping safe and well. I’m so excited to write my first post for the WashiGang blog. I’m writing about my favourite type of planning – memory keeping!Happy Planner Memory Keeping Journal WashiGang Guest Blogger Pages by KCWhen the new Happy Planner Memory Keeping Journals arrived at WashiGang, I couldn’t wait to place an order. I’m currently in Sydney lockdown (and have been for a number of weeks), so I have some extra time to memory plan. I have two journals – ‘Seek Magic’ and ‘Love This Moment’. The Happy Planner Photo Journals make it so easy to start documenting memories. The pages are set out with photo sizes ready to go.Happy Planner Memory Keeping Journal WashiGang Guest Blogger Pages by KC
Happy Planner Memory Keeping Journal WashiGang Guest Blogger Pages by KCWhat will you need to start Memory Keeping?

Happy Planner Memory Keeping Journal WashiGang Guest Blogger Pages by KC

Happy Planner Memory Keeping Journal WashiGang Guest Blogger Pages by KCSome hints and tricks I’ve learned along the way –

  1. I use the ‘Love this Moment’ journal to document our travels. I used my cutting machine to create labels for the dividers. I’ve divided the journal in to each trip we have taken. In this journal I added travel itineraries, boarding passes and maps of the resorts we have stayed at. I’ve even included maps of our road trip journeys! I try to record as much information as I can, for future reference.
  2. The ‘Seek Magic’ journal I’m using to document my daughter’s life. It will be her life story in photos! I’ve divided her journal into years. She loves to help me work on her ‘book’. In here I’ve also added special items like hair from her first hair cut!
  3. As there are four dividers, you could divide the journal into seasons as a way to document the year.
  4. I use the app ‘Print to Size’ to resize the photos to print on my Canon Selphy. It is a small cost, but is super easy to use.
  5. I move pages around to suit my photos. The beauty of the Happy Planners, is that you can remove the pages and rearrange. I look at the story I want to tell on the page and find a layout to suit. You also need to be mindful of the layout on the back too!
  6. I use the cardstock pack for title pages and for spreads where I can’t find the right layout. The cardstock is so beautiful!
  7. It is really easy to back plan – I organise all of my photos in to albums on my phone. Because your phone keeps track of dates and locations – all of the information is there ready for you.

Happy Planner Memory Keeping Journal WashiGang Guest Blogger Pages by KCHappy Planner Memory Keeping Journal WashiGang Guest Blogger Pages by KCMy process for memory keeping is to - 

  1. Plan the layouts – I use sticky notes on each of the pages.
  2. Print and add the photos.
  3. Add stickers and washi tape.
  4. Journal.

Happy Planner Memory Keeping Journal WashiGang Guest Blogger Pages by KCThat’s it! The Happy Planner makes it so easy. Most of the products I've used are available in the WashiGang Shop (especially helpful when you are in lockdown). It is great to be able to document your memories in a way that is meaningful for years to come! If you have any other questions, you can find me at 

Yay! Thank you so much Kobie!! We loved reading about your Memory Keeping Photo Journal journey! We're so excited to get started. Who else is keep to start a Memory Keeping Journal? Do you keep one already? What are your tips & tricks? 

There are so many great uses for a Memory Keeping Journal! Here are a few of our ideas:
- Keep a friend memories journal, to remember special moments with your friends.
- Keep a journal of your pet/s, your life together, funny things they do, their likes and dislikes! 
- Make a holiday journal of each holiday you take. 
- Keep a special journal for each of your children to remember important life moments.
- A wedding Memory Keeping journal would be so lovely to remember your special day! It would also be a lovely way to re-use your wedding cards, photos, guest book notes and remember presents that you received. 
- You could even keep a Memory Keeping Journal of your favourite bush walks or swimming spots in nature. 

Remember to tag us at @washigang on Instagram and share your Memory Keeping spreads in our Facebook Group! Happy Memory Keeping!!! 

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Jacqueline - December 22, 2021

I use a regular classic happy planner for memory keeping with just adding in some extra pages and or using the weeklies (when i’m not so organised!) as big planner memories for a particular event. Been very happy just using my regular happy planner, but always considered getting a dedicated memory keeping one.

Nicole Suzanne Brown - October 5, 2021

WOW! This is amazing Kobie! I’ll definitely be grabbing some of the Memory Keeping sticker books & planners & try my hand at memory keeping!

Jodie Morgan - September 28, 2021

This is fantastic but I have questions.
I’m planning on using a regular Big Happy notes planner and a HP Sprocket printer. Can you use regular Happy Planner paper or is card stock better?
And are they safe for the photos?
Thank you so much.
From Jodie.

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