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Guest Blogger: Skinny Planner's, Brain Dumps and Perfect Pairings with Anges Plans

Guest Blogger: Skinny Planner's, Brain Dumps and Perfect Pairings with Anges Plans

Welcome back to our guest blogger, Anges Plans!! Read on for Ange's Happy Planner - Skinny Planner and Jungle Vibes reviews, brain dumps and tips on creating the perfect pairings. We love Ange's stunning colourful layouts and beautifully styled content, she certainly has a talent for pairing colours!!! 

Hey planner friends!

I’m so honoured to be back, gushing about all my new goodies from the stationery queens in the Washigang office! If you missed my last blog – my name is Ange! Im a 31yo Mum, from Newcastle, NSW, and addicted to all things stationery and Happy Planner related! (Truly! It’s a problem! haha)

Todays blog is just little old me sharing my excitement over the Happy Planner spring release items, being a bad influence on your ‘craft no-spend’ that you’re lying to yourself about sticking to and tips on how to make those pages look pretty!

Lets get into it!

Anges plans blog post WashiGang

Underrated - Skinny classic planners!

I finally decided to jump on board and try something I didn’t think I would like. Let me tell you, skinny classic planners have been such a surprisingly good addition to my collection, and I can’t wait to get started using it in July! I selected the Sophisticated Florals 12 month, dated skinny classic planner. With it’s delicate florals, subtle colouring and neutral weekly spread, its perfect for someone who needs something professional but with personality. 

Why would you buy a half sheet planner, instead of a full sized? Well, this size is great for on the go, if you want something for note taking, or for something with a singular purpose. For example, I will be using mine for social media. Here are some other great ways they can be used:

  • Mood tracking/mini journal
  • Expenses
  • On-the-go planner
  • Food log
  • Book journal

They are so versatile! Give them a try – you won’t be disappointed!

Happy Planner Anges Plans WashiGang Blog Post

Wild at heart

Slap some leopard print on something, and its sure to be going home with me! I am digging the jungle vibes theme! Generally, I buy all the Happy Notes I fall in love with and they collect dust until I need some scribble desk paper – but I have plans to use what I have and give my notebooks more life. Being a mother of 3, back in the workforce and school going back recently – I have been a hot mess! So I took the time for some fun decorating and mental unloading by making this epic brain dump list. 

Personally, I find sometimes there’s only so much you can write into your planner when you have a to-do or project that doesn’t yet have a timeline. Trust me – this was super therapeutic and will act as a running list until its full and all completed. While a Happy Notes was great, as it gives the notebook a purpose; it could just as easily be done with some filler paper in the back of your planner, or a half sheet filler paper that can be moved week by week in your planner.  

WashiGang Blog Post Happy Planner Anges Plans

Perfect Pairings

Just like with picking a good wine to go with a great meal – there’s the perfect washi tape to go with every sticker book! 

Let me just start with my favourite washi tape combo being stocked by WashiGang right now! The black and white pattern set – it is a triple pack for only $4, and is by far my most versatile washi tape. With their subtle patterns, they easily go with every colour and style spread. 

But if you're looking to add to your collection – here's my pairing tips for the spring release sticker books!

Jungle vibes pairs well with Exclusive Washigang leopard washi tape

Indigo pairs well with Marble washi tape

Sophisticated florals pairs well with Brown and white pin spot washi tape

Girl with goals & beauty in florals pairs well with Black and white grid washi tape

Pressed florals pairs well with Maisie Lane Co. purple grid washi tape

Anges Plans Blog Post Happy Planner WashiGang

Finding your perfect colour combos

Hot tips for the perfect planner spread colour combination!

  1. Pick 2 to 4 colours and stick to them for the entire spread. This way it looks coordinated and doesn’t look too busy on the eye.
  2. Balance. Try to even out where you place your stickers, if you put a red sticker on one side, put a red sticker on the other. This helps with cohesiveness.
  3. If you’re struggling with what pairs well, look up colour combos online, or look at the colour wheel. Generally, if you pick a colour, the colour direct from it, is a perfect complementing colour. Ie pink & green, purple & yellow, blue & orange.. you get the idea 😊 Colour Wheel WashiGang Anges Plans Blog post
  4. Take inspiration from others! Instagram creators have inspired me so many times. Take an idea, put your own spin on it – be sure to let them know you inspired them, we all love compliments!
  5. Colour story value pack sticker books – if you’re a beginner, and all these tips even seem overwhelming, start with one of these sticker books. There are many available and the hard work of colour coordination and theme has been done for you.

This spread is my Mothers Day spread – I used a combination of the ‘Flowers’ and ‘Happy Plans’ value pack sticker books. 

Happy Planner Anges Plans Blog WashiGang

Anyway- that’s all from me this time! Please let me know if any of my tips helped you out in the comments below, or if you have anything you’d like me to chat about on the next blog! You can always find me floating around in the WashiGang Crew Facebook Page, or on insta ( – say hi, I love making new friends, and planner friends make the best friends! 

Happy Planning!

Thanks for reading, friends!! Let us know if you try any of these tips, we can't wait to see what you come up with! We're also keen to know, have you tried a skinny planner before? Do you think you'll try one after reading Ange's review? 

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