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Ahoy! 'Beyond the Sea' by Archer & Olive is now available!
Ahoy! 'Beyond the Sea' by Archer & Olive is now available!
Guest Blogger: Study Latte

Guest Blogger: Study Latte

Hi Gang, today's blog post is for all of the students (and student support teams) out there! We've asked Tiffany from Study Latte to send us her tips and tricks to stay organised with your studies! We're thinking of all you students starting the new year, with a big work load ahead of you!  You've got this - especially with some extra help with planning, from Study Latte! Read below for the full guest blog by Study Latte:

study latte guest blogger washigang

How my bullet journal keeps me organised and helps my studies:

I’m sure we’ve all come across those stunning bullet journals that have flooded us with the excitement of starting our own! We rush online, buy a journal, and obsessively click on the “track my order” button hoping it would somehow make the shipping process faster! Meanwhile, we watch hours of bullet journaling videos, thinking of ideas, and jittering with the nervousness of drawing the first thing on the blank, terrifying... first page (because you know, you don’t want to mess it up!) Yup, that was definitely me!

At first I was considering starting a bullet journal as a creative outlet and a bit like a stress reliever, but as a busy student who also has a Studygram, Youtube, and TikTok, I eventually found that the layout of my planner wasn’t enough for the things I needed to keep track of and decided that it was perhaps time for me to try bullet journaling again (and by again I mean I tried it for a month 5 years ago). This time I found that the flexibility of a bullet journal really helped me stay organised and motivated as I could create different layouts and pages to accommodate what I needed. So, without further ado, here are some spreads that have helped keep me organised and on top of my studies 🙂

Study Latte Guest Blogger WashiGang

1. Adding quotes:

Something I love doing throughout my bullet journal is adding motivation quotes and since I set up my monthly spreads about a month prior, these quotes come as a bit of a ‘surprise’ when I actually get to them and it helps add a boost of motivation! I try to vary the types of quotes I use as well, for example, some are more inspirational and motivational whereas some are funnier! This variety also helps keep things interesting!

Study Latte Guest Blogger WashiGang

2. Calendar page:

This is one of my most used pages in my bullet journal and is probably a page I could not live without! Having a calendar that is in this layout is so helpful because it gives you a visual representation of how your month looks. For me, I prefer this over the vertical layout because I can distinguish each week easier so it allows me to see better when events are coming up! To distinguish school things and personal events, I will usually put personal events at the bottom of each box and any school related things at the top of the box. Colour coding is also a good option as well!

Study Latte Guest Blogger WashiGang

3. Weekly spreads:

Something I love about bullet journaling is the ability to customise your weekly spreads! Having a different layout every week is again something that helps keep me motivated because its exciting when you reach that new page! Each week I make sure to have a box where I can keep track of events and also plenty of space for to-do lists. Another great thing about this is that you can customise each week to your schedule and how busy you are.

study latte guest blogger washigang

4. Using stickers and washi tape: 

I literally spend all my money buying stationery but most of the time, I either don’t use them or have the opportunity to use them (especially washi tapes)! A bullet journal is a great way to use items that you’ve collected and let’s be honest you probably don’t use half the stuff you buy (especially the ones at the bottom of the drawer that you’ve forgotten even exist, so when you find them it’s like a new present) don’t worry I’m kinda like that too! But you can customise your bullet journal by using all that stationery you’ve stored up!

Study Latte Guest Blogger WashiGang

5. Reflection page:

Lastly, keeping a reflections page is a really important edition to my bullet journal. At the end of each month, I like to reflect on the things that have happened, how I’m feeling, what I’ve learnt, things to improve etc. and it’s also really exciting to read these things years later! I still have journals I wrote 8 years ago.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post! I’m still navigating this whole world of bullet journaling and experimenting with different spread ideas and themes, but I hope these ideas will be helpful to you in your bullet journal journey!
- Tiff @study_latte_

You can find me on:

Instagram: @study_latte_

Youtube: StudyLatte

TikTok: @study_latte

WashiGang Products Used:

1. Archer & Olive Notebook
2. Yama Life Washi Paper Stickers: Fox
3. Limited Edition Washi Tape Autumn Witchy Vibes: Mushrooms
4. Yama Life Washi Tape: Duck
5. Grid Washi Tape: Black
6. Tombow Dual Tip Brush Pens: Portrait Palette
7. Twilight Mountains Washi Tape
8. Archer & Olive Acrylograph Pens: Cool Fall
9. Yama Life Washi Paper Stickers: Lake Creature

Thanks so much for tuning into our Guest Blogger feature with Study Latte! Did you pick up any tips? What tips have worked for you in your studies and can you recommend any study journal hacks? Wishing you all the very best with your studies, this year! 

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