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How to Keep a Pet Journal! Create a Journal for your Cat or Dog!

How to Keep a Pet Journal! Create a Journal for your Cat or Dog!

Pet and Dog Bullet Journal PromptsWhat is a pet journal?

A pet journal is a space where you can journal about your pet, record special memories about your pet, track your pets habits and keep important dates. You can write a journal entry about your pet, or write daily, weekly or monthly about your pet! The journal can also contain photos and drawings of your pet, information about your pet and fun stickers and washi tapes that relate to your pet. 

Why should you keep a pet journal? 

Keeping a pet journal is a great way to keep special memories of your pet and your time together. Pet’s have such a big impact on our lives and they’re around for only a short time. Pet journaling is a way to appreciate and record these moments. It’s also a great way to encourage you to spend more time with your pet, get to know your pet and remember important dates and daily pet chores. It’s a lovely memory to keep of your pet once they are no longer around. 

15 Pet Journal Prompts

Keen to start a pet journal, but stuck on ideas? We have 15 Pet Journal Prompts for you to try out below. WashiGang team member Emily tried out a few of these pet journaling prompts in her bullet journal! Emily used the Paper24 Brown Ink Bullet Journal, Mildliner Brush Pens, Kokoyu Dotliner, MASRY Flower Bouquet Masking Tape Sticker Set and black Gelly Roll gel pen to great a pet journal for Harry the Chihuahua. Will you give these pet journal prompts a try? Dog bullet journal
1. Pet title page

Set up a title page with the basic info about your pet! This is where you might include a photo or sketch of your pet and is a good space to write your pet’s name with fancy hand lettering!

2. Pet stats
Add all of the details about your pet that describes what and who they are, don't forget to include all of the important details that you might need to look up about your pet.

Include your pet’s name, colours and features, size/weight, breed, sex, allergies or medical conditions, chip or registration number, vet details, emergency contact numbers, pet's personality and their nicknames. 
This is a great space to have all of the details about your pet that you need to know at any time and is also great to pass on to any future pet sitters. 

Dog bullet journal
3. Your pets origin story

What is the story of how you got your pet? For some people this can take a lot of time, waiting and research and it's important to remember this special event! Don't forget to skip any of the important details such as, where did your pet come from, what were they like when you first met them and how did you name them? 

4. Pet likes and dislikes

List your pets favourite things and least favourite things! What are their favourite foods, toys, activities, people and friends etc. 

You could add fun stickers or drawings to illustrate your list! 
Dog Bullet Journal Prompts
5. Something funny that your pet did today

Try a daily writing project where you write about something funny or cute that your pet did during the day, at the end of each day. This will prompt you to look out for more fun moments with your pet and check in daily with your pet's mood.

6. Pet habit tracker

This is a great way to keep track of your pets daily activities and make sure you’re keeping up with walks, water, meals and not over feeding on treats! 
Add a section for walks, water refills, meals, treats given, play time, grooming and any other important daily habits such as daily medications. 

By using a daily habit tracker, you can make sure that your pets daily needs are being met.
Pet and Dog Bullet Journal Prompts
7. Pet calendar

Make sure you don’t forget to give your pet important medications or skip vet appointments with a pet calendar! It’s also a great place to add weekly or monthly habits such as grooming. A pet calendar is also a great way to motivate you to plan fun events with your pet. For example, why not plan a pet play date, a visit to a local market or plan an outing to walk in a new location. 

8. Walk/Outing rating

Sick of walking the same routes with your pet? Create a walk rating system and mix up your walks! It’s also a great way to encourage you to try different walks or outings with your pet! 
How would you rate a walk or outing for your pet? Does it have good sniffing spots, other pets present or any hazards? What was your pets mood during the outing and would you do it again?
Make a rating out of 5!

9. Pet food/recipe rating
Try a new food or recipe for your pet and rate how they liked it! 
Write the recipe or food type down and decorate it in your notebook! 
Was it easy to make or find? Did your pet want enjoy it? What is your rating out of 5? 

Note: Make sure you check that the food is safe for your pet before introducing a new food! While some foods are safe for humans, they might not be safe for your pets! For example, dogs can't have chocolate, grapes or onion! Even some peanut butters contain Xylitol, which is not safe for dogs, so always read the ingredients first!
Pet and Dog Bullet Journal Prompts

10. What do I love about my pet? 

Dedicate a page to all of the things that you love about your pet, so that you don’t forget when you’re having a challenging time with them! It’s also a special memory to keep for when your pet is no longer around. 
Describe the things that you love about your pet in detail: How do they feel, smell and look in your loving eyes? What are their funny and cute habits that make you smile? What is your favourite activity to do with your pet? 

11. Write a letter to your pet!

If your pet could speak English, what would you like to say to them? Write a letter to your pet thanking them for all of the joy they bring to your life and tell them a few things that you wish they knew or could understand!! 

Like... don't be scared of baths, I'll keep you safe!!!

12. Draw a portrait of your pet! 

Give it a go! You have plenty of pages to practice drawing your pet. Try drawing your pet from a photo or when they’re sleeping. Practice drawing in different mediums - brush pens, water colour, pencils, markers etc… Even if you think it looks silly, it’s a fun activity to study your pet and get to know all of their little features. 

Pet and Dog Bullet Journal Prompts
13. Quotes about pets! 

Write quotes from pet training books or books and movies about pets that you love! 

Writing quotes is a fun way to explore lettering and reminds you about what is important about your relationship with your pet!

14. Pet movie watch list and book reading list!

Make a watch list or reading list with shows, books and movies about pet training or with pets in them! You can also do these activities while hanging out with your pet! A fave pet movie of ours is, Red Dog - just try not to cry... it's not possible! What's on your pet reading and watch list?

15. Your pets paw prints! 

While your pet is still around - make a copy of their paw prints! You might find that it's a special memory to keep. Decorate the page with a pretty wreath or border and your pets paw prints in the middle. Record the date and your pets age at time of paw print! Make sure you use a pet safe water based ink/paint. 

Dog and cat stickers for pet journaling

Our fave products for Pet Journaling

1. Pet Journals
Mossery A5 Dot Grid Notebook - Corgi
Write Now Journal - There Are No Ordinary Cats
Central 23 Purr-fect Ideas Lined Notebook
Pet journal dog and cat journals
2. Pet stickers
The Happy Planner Colourful Dogs Petite Sticker Book
NB Co. Japanese Paper Stickers - City Dogs
BGM Japan Washi Paper Flake Stickers - Puppies
NB Co. Japanese Paper Flake Stickers - Dogs
Corgi Diem Stickers by Pipsticks
Furukawa Paper 'Me Time' Flake Stickers - Cats
World Craft Washi Paper Flake Stickers - Cats at Home
Dog and cat stickers for pet journaling
3. Pet washi tapes
Happy Corgi Washi Tape
Furukawa Paper Works 'Me Time' Washi Tape - Puppy
Fetching Fido's Washi Tape by Pipsticks
Saien Washi Tape - Dog
Saien Washi Tape - Miniature Dachshund
Furukawa Paper Works 'Me Time' Washi Tape - Musical Cat
BGM Wide Washi Tape from Japan - Cat
Kitty Paw Washi Tape
Kitta Basic Washi Tape - Cat
Cat and dog washi tapes for pet journaling
4. Pet Memo Pads & Stick Notes
NB Co. Japan Sticky Notes - Dog Park
Furukawa Paper Works Sticky Notes - Cat
Furukawa Paper Works 'Me Time' Memo Pad - CatsDog and cat sticky notes and memo pads for pet journaling5. Pet Doodling Books
Doodling for Cat People by Gemma Correll
Draw 500 Awesome Animals
How to Draw Cute Animals
How to Draw a Bunny & Other Cute Creatures

Shop Dog Stationery or Cat Stationery here!

Thanks for tuning in! We had so much fun journaling about our pets and we'd love to hear and see more about YOUR pets!!! Don't forget to send us a pic of your pet in the WashiGang Facebook Group or by tagging us on instagram @washigang with your pets and stationery! 

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