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Interview: A Little Idiot

Interview: A Little Idiot

We did an interview with one of our favourite new designers, Alison, AKA "A little idiot." We are all so obsessed with Alison's super cute washi tapes, featuring bold and colourful designs, cute characters and fun patterns. We hope you enjoy getting to know the maker behind "A little idiot" washi tapes. 

A little idiot blog interview WashiGang

Tell us a little about who you are and what you do? I'm Alison. I was born and raised in Hong Kong and I came to Melbourne 7 years ago to study Architecture! And currently, I'm working as an Architectural Graduate. I always love art and design, and I've picked up interest in making stickers and polymer clay accessories during lockdown last year! I decided to name my store "A little idiot" because I want it to be fun and "me" at the same time. I used my name Ali from Alison and expanded it into "A little idiot." I wanted to use my art and design to share the message to the world that you can be a little idiot for a moment, and get away from the challenges we face every day. 

A little idiot Blog Interview WashiGang

What does your daily routine look like? I am working full-time in an Architectural office, so my routine is pretty regular. I work 9-6, checking my Instagram or any messages from customers while I'm travelling. When I get home, I'll draw my daily doodle (I'm trying my best to post something every day), and brainstorm new stickers and product ideas. On weekends I will focus on designing and making sticker sheets, drawing art prints, making polymer clays pieces, restocking and packing new orders! 

A little Idiot Blog Interview WashiGang

We’ve been looking at your #bujo account on Instagram and it’s soo pretty!! Do you have any tips on Bullet Journaling, for our WashiGang readers? I always start my spread by putting a memo paper to set the basic layout and colour palette. Then I will find stickers that are in a similar colour range (I have a big sticker collection, and I feel like it's such a waste if I'm not using them). I try to use as many stickers as possible to fill up the page to create a vibrant and interesting vibe! 

A little idiot blog interview WashiGang

Where do you get your inspiration from and how do you stay motivated? My inspirations mainly come from my everyday life (for example my doodles about "Lefty pride." Creating art and designs is kind of a sanctuary for me to get away from my daily stress and frustrating moments. I am always required to follow rules and regulations for my job, so I like to create vibrant, quirky and exciting art and designs, and I hope my art and designs will encourage others to feel the same! A little idiot blog interview WashiGangWhat was the design process like for your super fun washi tapes that we stock at WashiGang? The washi tapes were mostly inspired by my previous doodles and sticker sheets designs! Usually, I'll group 5 new washi tapes into a series. They don't necessarily have the same theme, but base the washi tapes on their appearances upon release. The first batch was the Bear, Breakfast, Floral, galaxy and cloud tapes, you can see when I lay them out on the washi sampler, they look really vibrant but harmonise at the same time! 

A little idiot blog interview WashiGang

a little idiot blog interview WashiGangA little idiot Blog Interview WashiGangWhat exciting things do you have planned for the rest of the year? Is there anything you’re looking forward to? I'm hoping to join a local design market and have my personal booth selling my stickers and clay accessories! I feel like it would be a wonderful experience to be able to chat with real people about my shop and get to know my local artists! Stay tuned for the latest news and updates via my website and Instagram page! 

A little idiot blog interview WashiGang

Where can we follow you ? You can find me on Instagram @alittleidiot_ and you can visit my shop 
My shop will be updated with new products every month!

YAY!! That was so much fun! We loved getting to know Alison!! Which washi tape is your favourite? It's so hard to choose... but we're kind of in love with the Breakfast Time Washi Tape (the little avocados!!!).

Who would you like us to interview next? Let us know in the comments. 

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