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Hi Gang! Emily here, welcome to our new blog series called #staffpicks where you get to find out a little about the team at WashiGang and the cute stationery that we've been swooning over!!!

As I get to package a lot of your orders... it's sometimes hard to not find things that I love! This month I’ve picked a nature/garden theme for my collection. We’re coming into spring/summer and I’m spending a lot of time outdoors and tending to my house plants. My favourite flower is a sunflower!!! So I have been loving the My Journal Stickers - Sunflower Decorations each time I see them go into an order. I’ve based my whole collection around these stickers.

Here are my staff picks:

1. Archer & Olive - A5 Blank Pages Notebook: Morning Sun
I love the colour of this notebook and I’m such a sunshiney gal, so I had to pick this design to go with my sunflower stickers.

2. My Journal Stickers - Sunflower DecorationsI’m obsessed with these sunflower stickers!!!

3. Daisies #2 Washi TapeDaisies are a close 2nd favourite flower and I think these fit in nicely with my sunshiney stationery garden.

4. Sketchy Green Graph Washi TapeI really wanted to add a pop of green and I think this washi tape will be a perfect accent for underlining headings.

5. Tombow Fudenosuke Brush Pen Colours Set 10pk

As an illustrator, I love to draw in my notebooks, so I am always wanting to try out new pens and brush pens. I’ve been wanting to give these a try for a while.

6. My Journal Stickers - Cactus Decorations
These stickers are a little ode to my house plants.

Do you have a favourite WashiGang product at the moment? Tell us in the comments ⬇️

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