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Staff Picks: Romance is in the air!

Staff Picks: Romance is in the air!

Love is in the air, every time I look around! Hehe... 

A few of our staff members have been getting a little bit excited about all of the love and romantic themed products we have in the shop at the moment...(mainly Emily). So with Valentine's Day just around the corner... and a little romance in the air, we thought we'd pick a few of our favourite ROMANTIC products! 

Artwork by @samjayne_design

There's something fun about being a little cheesy and embracing some romance at this time of year. Let us be clear! We're not talking about the pressures or comparisons of relationship statuses that give Valentine's Day a bad wrap. 

What we love most is feeling lovely, warm and fuzzy, whether you're in a relationship, or single, or married with 10 children. It's the perfect time to treat yourself! 

Artwork by @samjayne_design

So here are our top tips for enjoying Valentine's Day and a little romance:
1. Didn't you realise that this is the perfect opportunity to stock up on and eat all of the yummy chocolates, sweets and treats all to yourself!? 
2. Wear your cutest red and pink and floral outfits, just to feel special. 
3. Valentine's Day always makes us think about self care and treating ourselves to something special. Maybe it's a bubble bath? Or painting your nails? Or maybe a little me-time is all you need! 
4. Watch some of your most favourite and corny romance films. 
5. It's the perfect opportunity to use all of the cute love heart stickers!!! 
6. Make a fun Valentine's Day journal spread and remind yourself about all of the things/people/animals that you love in your life. 
7. Does anyone ever buy you flowers? That's ok, us neither! Valentine's Day is a nice excuse to buy yourself some flowers (or some flower stickers), because you deserve flowers in your life!
8. Write a love letter to a friend and let them know how much you care about them! You are my Palentine!

washigang staff picks valentines love
Our most ROMANTIC products:
1. Valentine Colouring Sticker Pack
2. Perforated Stamp Washi Tape: Valentine's Day
3. Letter Writing Set: Red Flowers
4. VersaMagic Dew Drop Chalk Ink: Red Magic, Pixie Dust
5. MAMBI Sticker Pack: Pink and Gold Foil Alphabet 
6. Chameleon Fineliner Pens 6pk - Floral Colours
7. Fox & Cactus Sweet Hearts Washi Tape
8. Katherine Appleby Washi Tape: Flowers & Butterflies
9. Bow & Heart Washi Tape
10. My Journal Heart Decoration Stickers
11. Happy Planner Value Stickers: Happy Blooms

How will you treat yourself to a little self care and romance this Valentine's Day? Let us know your hot tips in the comments. XX

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