Bec's Staff Picks: Vintage Style

Whenever we get anything new into the WashiGang shop that's vintage style (or yellow) we all call WashiGang staff member Bec, because we know she'll get excited!! So, we thought we'd ask Bec what her favourite vintage and collaging picks are from the WashiGang Shop

Read more to find out Bec's vintage style stationery staff picks and a few tips on collaging in your bullet journal! Vintage Style Stationery
Bec collects vintage stamps over at @becsvintagepost and also journals and writes #snailmail to pen pals over at @bec.writes where you can see Bec's vintage and collaged style shining through on envelopes, letters and journal pages! 
Vintage Style Stationery
There's something about hand written letters, old book shops, stamps, warm toned fall colour palettes and a love of treasures from the past! Do you love a vintage aesthetic? Or have you been wanting to get into collaging in your bullet journals? Here are Bec's favourite vintage style stationery staff picks: 
Vintage Style Stationery
Featured Vintage Style Stationery:
1. Leuchtturm 1917 120gsm A5 Hardcover Notebook - Dotted - Port Red
2. Vintage Map Washi Tape
3. Mo.Card Transparent Vintage Desk Items Deco Stickers
4. Mo.Card Washi Paper Collage Journaling Stickers - Butterflies & Toadstools 
5. Zebra Sarasa Push-Clip Gel Pens - Vintage Colours 
6. Vintage Letter Washi Tape
7. Vintage Newspaper Washi Tape
8. Washi Paper Flake Stickers - Post Marks 
9. Washi Paper Journaling Stickers - Botanical Stamps

If you'd like to find more vintage style stationery items, we have a Vintage Stationery Collection in the shop for you to browse. Vintage Style Stationery

Tips for collaging in your bullet journals and planners:
1. Reuse and recycle pretty paper, sticker offcuts and found objects.
Save and reuse cute scraps of paper, patterned lolly wrappers, packaging materials, sticker offcuts, pressed flowers, textured lace etc to add layers of colour, pattern and texture. Need help sticking your found items down?

2. Get creative with washi tape and stickers to stick down scraps of paper, sprigs of dried flowers and photos, instead of glue. 

3. Tape an envelope or a half cut envelope (to make a pouch) to your page, for storing special items. 

4. Create space! Use washi tape or clustered stickers, stamps and offcuts to create a border and section off space for writing. Or use a variety of larger scraps of paper to create panels for writing on. Feeling overwhelmed? Start with a plain base, such as a fairly neutral larger piece of paper or section off your page with large stickers and washi tape to create structure, before adding smaller decorative elements. Spend time shuffling and rearranging before sticking anything down!

5. Look through your collaging elements and pair textures, patterns and colour palettes, to keep your design cohesive. Try pairing different textures and patterns. For example, a scrap of plain kraft paper with a strip of grid washi tape, or a patterned paper with a plain colour washi tape that matches a colour in your pattern!  With so many different classing patterns and textures, you might find that a neutral or minimal colour palette works best! Choose one or two bold colours, patterns or textures to feature in your spread. Vintage Style StationeryWhat's your planning and journaling style? Have you tried collaging in your planners or bullet journals before? What are your tips and tricks? 

Don't forget to share your planner and journal spreads with us on instagram @washigang and via our Facebook Group! If you'd like to enter our monthly competition, use the hashtag #WashiGangFebruarySpread2022 when you share your spreads, to go in the running to win a $10 WashiGang gift voucher!

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