Staff Picks: Witchy Vibes

There's something about the cooler weather that's making us feel a bit witchy! Maybe it's all of the extra baking and rainy weather? What do you think?

With our latest Autumn witchy vibes freebie tapes just released, we asked WashiGang team member, Emily, to hunt around the warehouse for her favourite witchy finds!!! There are so many magical and mystical witchy products in our shop, it was so hard to decide on just a few!!! Can we all please run away to Hogwarts and drink butter beer and have a pet owl, already??? 

Featured Products:
1. Wand Collection Pencil Case
2. Moon Zipper Pouch
3. NB Co. Japan Owl Stickers
4. Maisie Lane Co. A5 Dot Grid Notebook - Rose Noir
5. Celestial Clear Stamp Set
6. Sakura Ballsign Kirara Metallic Gel Pens
7. Archer & Olive A5 Dot Grid Notebook - 192 Pages
8. Happy Planner Value Pack Stickers - CLASSIC - Beauty in Florals
9. Witchy Icons Washi Tape 
10. Fox and Cactus Witchy Vibes Washi Tape Set - Black

Now here's the question we've all been wondering... are you a WITCH??!!
Take our quiz to find the answer! 
How to tell if you're a witch:
W1. Your name is Sabrina and you have a black cat named Salem. 
W2. You live alone in the forest. 
W3. There's a giant caldron in your house, for brewing potions/butter beer/stews and other stuff! 
W4. Charging your crystals under the full moon is the norm for you. 
W5. Your journals and recipe books are full of spells! 
W6. Brooms are better for flying, not sweeping!
W7. Owls deliver your mail. 
W8. Your mirror says, "you're the fairest in the land, my queen." 
W9. You have all of the witchy vibes washi tapes and stickers. 
W10. You're always hanging out with your sisters, in the woods, at night!!! 
If you answered "yes" to all of these questions, you might be a super cool witch. Or you might just be super cool!!! 

Emily made a cute video of her finds! Can you think of any themes or staff picks that you'd like to see us video? Let us know in the comments. 

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