Tips & Tricks: Festive #BUJO recipe planning!

Hi WashiGang Fam!!

This is WashiGang team member, Emily, here!! I'm a little shy to share this post! I'm a bit of a newbie at bullet journaling and I wanted to try out a festive recipe in my bullet journal. Please be kind to me, I did this one on the fly at work! This is just a little sneak peek of a very yummy recipe by: The Little Blog of Vegan
So, if you'd like the full recipe, photos and lots of other amazing vegan Christmas recipes, head over to The Little Blog of Vegan and get baking!!! 

I'm not sure if you know, but our amazing boss lady at WashiGang, Shannon, is vegan and I have a dairy allergy! So we are always drooling over @thelittleblogofvegan on instagram. If you want to be drooling over your instagram feed all of the time, please give this very talented baker, Holly, a follow!!! Bujo Christmas recipe
Let's plan our #bujo recipe's together! 

What I've used: 

Rhodiarama A5 Soft Cover Dot Grid Journal
Dingbats* Notebooks Ātopen's in Pastel and Primary colours
Zebra Sarasa Push-Clip Pen Vintage Colours - Brown Grey
Tasty recipe from The Little Blog of Vegan
Festive Bujo Recipes
My #bujo tips as a beginner:

1. Try out some different pen combos and colour palettes. 
On a separate page, I spent some time trying out all my different pens. I tried metallic brush pens, glitter gel pens and different colour palettes of bronze and brown etc. Once you've had a play, decide on different style pens and fonts for the title, sub title and main text. I also experimented with different colour palettes and decided on light brown, pink and dark green. 
2. Sketch a few layout ideas on some spare paper. I wanted to decorate the spread with ginger bread men and a few elements that reminded me of a ginger bread house. I'd do the same for stickers or washi tape. 
3. Get your recipe ready, maybe even practice writing it out before you start!! 
4. For this layout, I drew the title and sub headings first and then added all of the decorations/doodles to the layout. Because I had a rough plan of which pens to use and what my illustrations would look like already decided on a spare page, it was easy to complete the final layout without making mistakes. 
5. Finally, I filled out the recipe and then added a few extra decorations where there was left over space.
Festive Bujo Recipe
Next time I'd like to try a bolder main title! And I'll definitely think more about how I line my writing and bullet points up. I didn't realise how wonky they were until I was finished! Such a #bujo noob! So much to learn! Is there anything I've missed? Share your #bujo recipe tips and tricks with me in the comments!!!

Another #bujo prompt would be to create a title page with festive recipes to try and rate each recipe!! What do you think? 

Do you have a favourite festive recipe that you'd like to write up? 

Thanks so much for joining me on my new Bullet Journaling journey!!! See you next time! 

Don't forget to try the recipe by The Little Blog of Vegan, you'll need to visit the blog to grab the full recipe, as we've just done up a little teaser. 

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