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Ahoy! 'Beyond the Sea' by Archer & Olive is now available!
Ahoy! 'Beyond the Sea' by Archer & Olive is now available!
6 Eco Friendly Stationery Brands Available in Australia

6 Eco Friendly Stationery Brands Available in Australia

At WashiGang we have been making a conscious effort to grow our range of eco-friendly stationery and notebooks in the shop! We love finding brands that are doing amazing stationery that is also sustainable and better for the environment! There are so many great brands that are paving the way for eco-friendly stationery, using recycled or sustainably sourced materials, making their products in Australia and using Australian designers. We love to see it and support it!! Read on to find out which eco-friendly stationery & notebooks we're loving at the moment! 6 Eco Friendly Stationery Brands Available in Australia

What are the benefits of using eco-friendly stationery? 

- Eco-friendly and sustainable products are better for the environment!
- Reduce waste by buying stationery that is made from recycled materials or can be recycled.
- Promote social change by supporting & sharing eco-friendly brands & products.
- By supporting sustainably sourced paper, it ensures that forests are regenerated and important animal habitats are protected. 
- By supporting brands that are making a conscious effort to create sustainable products, we are encouraging these good practices to continue! 
- Feel good about supporting the environment! Dingbats Notebooks ecofriendly products

What to look for when buying eco-friendly stationery: 

Stationery brands are getting creative and using new technologies to create eco-friendly products, packaging and manufacturing. When buying eco-friendly stationery, it's important to look at where the product is made, what techniques are used to make it and what kinds of materials are used.

Does it use recycled materials or can it be recycled? 
By using post consumer recycled materials, brands are reducing waste to create sustainable stationery and office supplies. Some brands are also using recycled packaging as a way to reduce their environmental impact. 

What kind of ink is used?
Printing and ink is also important when thinking about creating an eco-friendly stationery product. By using water based and vegetable inks, eco-friendly stationery brands are reducing the use of harmful chemicals and their impacts on the environment and water ways. Printing & producing products locally is another way that brands reduce their impact, by reducing kms travelled during production. Other brands may carbon offset their products to reduce this impact.  

Is it vegan?
Many eco-stationery brands are also going vegan! By creating stationery products that use vegan glue & vegan leather, no animals are harmed in the process.

What kind of paper is used? 
Another important resource is paper! Sourcing sustainable paper supplies, whether it's post consumer recycled paper or sustainably sourced paper where forests are regenerated. 

Is it locally sourced? 
Brands that manufacture stationery products locally are better able to reduce their carbon footprint, with less kms traveled for production, by supporting local businesses and jobs and are able to better manage and oversee production. 

Supporting local artists is also an integral part of creating sustainable stationery supplies. By supporting local artists and small businesses to create their stationery designs/artworks, brands are reducing their carbon footprint and supporting the small business economy. 

Is it certified? 
Lastly, there are many different certifications that stationery brands can attain to verify their compliance in ethical and sustainable practices when creating eco-friendly stationery. Look for certifications to ensure that brands are being held accountable for their manufacturing processes, materials used and stationery products. Certifications can also help you to determine if a product has been ethically made.

6 Eco Friendly Stationery Brands Available in Australia

Dingbats Notebooks
Dingbats Notebooks use FCS certified sustainably sourced paper, are vegan and have degradable vegan leather covers. The notebooks are also bio safe and are manufactured in green factories where water and air emissions are strictly controlled, whilst also supporting traditional paper making techniques that date back for centuries. 

The Dingbats Atopens are packaged in recycled cardboard and the pens themselves are designed to be recycled. 

Check out our Dingbats Notebooks here and read more about their certifications here!Dingbats Notebooks eco friendly stationery
Pentel Ener-Gel-X gel pens
The Pentel EnerGel-X gel ink pens are made from 84% recycled materials. The Pentel-developed Recycology program focuses on the reduction of environmental waste through a range of innovative product designs with an environmentally friendly focus. They also have fast drying gel-ink, making them the perfect gel pen for left handed writers! Shop Pentel Ener-Gel-X gel ink pens here!Pentel EnerGel-X eco friendly recycled pens
Earth Greetings Notebooks & Writing Pads
Earth Greetings notebooks & writing pads are made from 100% post consumer recycled paper, use vegan glue and are printed with vegetable ink! They are also carbon offset and designed and made locally in South Australia. Earth Greetings also support local and Indigenous artists for the artwork designs on their stationery. We love that these are Australian designed and made! 
Shop the Earth Greetings range here! Earth Greetings Notebooks eco friendly stationery
Blue Q Pencil Cases & Bags
With bold colours and fun designs, the Blue Q Pencil Cases & Tote Bags are made from 95% post consumer recycled materials! Made from used rice sacks that are then ground, melted and woven into material! Blue Q also donates 1% of the sale of their bags to environmental initiatives around the globe.
Shop Blue Q pencil cases and tote bags here! Blue Q Pencil Cases and tote bags
Tombow Recycled Wooden Pencils
Tombow has brought out a range of recycled wooden pencils that use a finger joint technique which can join wood offcuts so that it is possible to reuse scrap wood for the pencil body. They also contain recycled graphite for the lead and are packaged in recycled paper packaging. These pencils are imported from Japan and are an Eco Mark certified product.
Shop Tombow Recycled Wooden Pencils here! Tombow Recycled wooden pencils
Greenigo Eco-Friendly Wood Covered Journal
These gorgeous Eco-Friendly Wood Covered Journal's are made from FFC certified recycled paper and the wood veneer covers are produced in FFC certified sustainably regenerated forests. Wood veneer uses less water and chemicals in the production compared to regular paper making processes. 

Made in Melbourne with local Australian Designers used for the cover art. We have so many fun and beautiful designs in stock... make sure you take a look at the whole range! Shop Greenigo Eco-Friendly Wood Covered Journals here!Wooden Cover Journals

7 Tips for Starting an Eco-Friendly Journal or Planner!

1. Look for eco-friendly products to use in your journal or planner! Start with an eco-friendly journal and pen. Over time you'll work out which items you need for your planning or journaling style. Shop our full range of eco-friendly products here! 

2. Have you heard of a junk journal or collage journaling? It's a great way to reuse and recycle found items! Collect scraps of paper, pretty packaging or wrapping paper, post cards, tickets, coloured card, reused washi tape or stickers from packaging to create a collage style layout in your journal or planner!

3. Most washi tapes can be reused! Make the most of them! If you make a mistake with your layout, the benefit of washi tape is that you can reposition it without wasting it or starting again! 

4. Use stamps! Stamps are reusable and create less waste in the long run! 
Shop for stamps and ink here!

5. Doodling in your journal is a great way to decorate your journal with minimal impact! Take a look through our Doodling & Drawing books that are filled with tips and ideas!

6. Use a pencil to sketch your design or layout in your journal or planner before you start so that you don't waste paper! Check out our recycled pencils here!

7. Try water colour paints in your journal! Water colour paints have the lowest environmental impact of all paints, without the use of solvents, polymer plastics or chemicals. They are non-toxic and last a long time. 

Thanks so much for tuning in! Are you interested in trying some of our eco friendly stationery? Check out the full range of eco-friendly products on our website!

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