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How to Use a Dot Grid Journal

How to Use a Dot Grid Journal

Hi WashiGang Crew,

We've been getting a lot of questions about dot grid journals lately! What are they and what do you use them for? To help you out, we've written a blog all about dot grid journals, why we use them, what to look for when buying a dot grid journal and how to use them! Read on for all of our tips:

What is a Dot Grid Journal?

A dot grid journal is similar to other note books that may have blank, lined or grid pages. The dot grid pattern is like a grid without the lines, that just contains the dot point where the lines would intersect, consisting of rows of dots. The dots are designed to be a less visible and intrusive form of guide on your page. Phantom Dot Grid Journal

Why use a Dot Grid Journal?

Dot grid journals help you to measure space on your page and can be used to draw lines, boxes and tables, keep your hand writing neat and get creative with hand lettering and art works.

Unlike lined and grid paper, dot grid is a more subtle form of structure on your page. While blank paper can be great for creativity, sometimes a little structure can help you to keep your hand lettering from being wonky and plan your page layout to perfection! The dot grid is just the right amount of guidance to help you keep things aligned, while not distracting from your writing and creativity.


Via @ameliasjournal

What is the Best Dot Grid Journal?

When looking for the best dot grid journal, it's important to consider the paper type, whether the paper can withstand a range of pens, the durability of the journal and also the way that it has been bound. The best dot grid journal should have a smooth weighted paper that has minimal bleeding or ghosting to the other side of the page, a sturdy cover that will last a long time or that can be replaced, a fine and pale dot grid pattern and is bound in a way that it can be opened flat to 180 degrees.

Archer & Olive
Why we love them -
A classic fave of many! The Archer & Olive Dot Grid Journal can be opened flat 180 degrees and the 160gsm pages are great for all pen types with minimal bleeding or ghosting through the page. We've found that you can even use some water colour or gouache paint and paint pens on these pages. Find Archer & Olive here!

Yop & Tom
Why we love them -
Yop & Tom pack a lot of features into their journals, including numbered pages, key, index and pen test pages, subtle centre page markings to help you divide your page, and a grid guide sheet to help you plan your spreads! The 160gsm paper is great for light watercolour and is also compatible with markers, brush pens, gel pens, fountain pens and paint pens. Find Yop & Tom here!

Why we love them -
With so many gorgeous covers, these dot grid notebooks are refillable, which makes them a great sustainable option if you don't want to buy a whole new notebook each time you finish one. Mossery notebooks contain 100gsm sustainably sourced paper that is suitable for most fountain pens, brush pens and ballpoint pens. The pages lay 180 degrees flat when opened.

The notebooks also have pages in the front for recording goals + values, so you can explore and build your identity by learning about your interests, inspirations, priorities, and beliefs. Find Mossery here!

Shop our full range of Dot Grid Journals here! How to use a dot grid journal

How to use a Dot Grid Journal?

You can use a dot grid journal however you want! There are so many possibilities. The main benefit of a dot grid journal is the ability to use the dot grid pattern as a guide for your writing, drawing and more!

You can use a dot grid journal as a guide to create structural forms on your page, such as draw lines, tables, boxes, calendars and lists. @studio80designVia @studio80design

Do you find your hand writing can get wonky at times on the page? Use the dot grid pattern as a guide for your hand writing, where it starts and ends on the page, how tall or wide your hand writing is and how much space is between each line of writing. The dot grid can work like imaginary boxes and spaces that contain your writing. For larger hand lettering, the dot grid pattern is a great guide that helps you to make sure your letters are aligned, to create uniform shapes and straight or curved lines.

Use the dot grid to plan out a page layout. By counting out your dots, you can discover your page centre, create symmetry and shapes or boxes that are the same size. This can be a useful tool for activities such as budgeting, planning your week, writing to-do lists and organising calendars. @lootengstudio
Via @lootengstudio

Have you ever thought of drawing using a dot grid? The dots act as a guide, helping you to plan your drawing space on the page, create straight lines or guide curved lines and measure out the size of different shapes and elements of your drawing.

There are so many ways to use a dot grid journal! We recommend setting intentions for your journal before you get started. What will you use your dot grid journal for? You can use it to write daily journal entries, write to-do lists, doodle and draw, try hand lettering, get creative with stickers, washi tape, different pens and collaging elements, journal in nature, make a pet journal, try bullet journaling, add photos and write about special memories, save your ideas, brainstorm, keep recipes and most of all, have fun! @creatievelien_Via @creatievelien_

For more info on how to use a dot grid journal for bullet journaling - check out our books on how to bullet journal here!

5 Ways to use a Dot Grid Journal:

1. Draw a Calendar
Use the dot grid to draw and measure a calendar. Make sure each square is the same size, you may need to count how many dots go across the page. Make sure you leave a space to write the month at the top of the page. @fenkesjournalVia @fenkesjournal

2. Make a list
Create a to-do list, a cleaning list, a list of your favourite movies or a list of books to read. Use the dot grid spaces to highlight your list and draw a check box. List
3. Create a Habit Tracker
Track your habits by creating a table using the dot grid. Create different tables for each habit. You could also track your sleep, finances or mood!


Via @bujowithpau

4. Schedule your day
Use the dot grid to plan out different sections on the page. Add your to-do list, a space for the date, a priorities box, a self-care check in and any other important details that you'd like to include in your day. @acovetedlifestyleVia @acovetedlifestyle

5. Practice Hand Lettering
Try writing a word in different styles. Use the dot grid to try skinny, tall and wide lettering styles. Think about high high the tops and bottoms of letters fall and use the grid to measure them. For example: create different styled lettering by creating a tall 'f' stem and along 'y' stem. @creativelybethVia @creativelybeth

Thanks so much for tuning in! We hope you've learning lots about dot grid journals. If you have any more questions, don't hesitate to shoot us an email or send us a message on social media. If you're keen to learn more about Bullet Journaling in your Dot Grid Journal - have a look at our books on bullet journaling. And if you'd like to try out a dot grid journal - Shop our full range of Dot Grid Journals here!

Do you have a Dot Grid Journal? What do you use yours for? How do you like to use the dot grid pattern? Let us know in the comments!

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