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Hand lettering fans and lettering beginners - this is for you!

Hand lettering fans and lettering beginners - this is for you!

Are you a lettering buff? Or maybe you're keen to get started with hand lettering? 
We've made a collection of goodies to help you on your lettering journey. The WashiGang shop is filled to the brim with Lettering Essentials
Here are a few of our favourite WashiGang Lettering Essentials:
Hand Lettering Essentials Beginner Stationery
Shop Lettering Essentials:
1. Tombow Advanced Lettering Set
2. Peter Pauper Press Brush Lettering Workshop
3. Hand-lettering guide book by Megan Wells
4. Peter Pauper Press Studio Series Brush Lettering Practice Paper
5. Pentel Brush Sign Pens - Pastel Colours
6. Kelly Creates Large Brush Lettering Workbook
7. Kelly Creates Small Brush Lettering Workbook - Bouncy
8. Karin DecoBrush Metallic Brush Pens - 10 Colour Set

Our WashiGang Staff Pick:

The Express Yourself - A Hand Lettering Book For Kids by Amy Latta is perfect for kids aged 10 and up, as well as beginner adults! The detail in this book is super extensive and would be an asset to anyone that's new to lettering. Some children may need a little guidance from an adult along the way, so it could be a really nice project to do together with a young person in your life, or just a great resource for beginner adults!  Amy Latta will show you the basics of hand lettering and beyond. Learn fancy cursive and watercolour lettering, how to add embellishments and how to turn your lettering into fun DIY projects - it's packed with lots of ideas and helpful tips. 

Have you ever thought about spending a whole year learning to improve your hand lettering? The new Kind Words Classic and Lovely Letters Big Horizontal Happy Planner's are your perfect lettering companion. Both planners come in a horizontal layout, with daily boxed spaces with guided lined sections to practice your calligraphy, as well as monthly lettering tips and quotes. 
Happy Planner Kind Words and Lovely LettersAre you new to hand lettering? It can be a great addition to your planners and journals and a great way to add quotes, decorate title pages for each month, special events or themes. We've added a few more ideas for hand lettering, below. Can you think of any more to add to the list?

Hand lettering ideas:
1. Letter your favourite quotes.
2. Create birthday & Holiday cards.
3. Make your dinner party extra classy by including place cards or a menu!
4. Write your friend's name with super fancy lettering as a gift. 
5. Write the same word over and over in different lettering styles. (ie bubble writing, skinny writing, brush lettering, drop shadow, decorative, doodle lettering).
6. Send a letter to a friend, filled with beautiful hand lettering. 

Hand lettering essentials WashiGang Products
Hand Lettering Prompts for October:
1. October
2. Halloween
3. Spooky
4. Skeleton
5. Spring
6. Blooms
7. Garden
8. Sunshine
9. Picnic
10. Look for the beauty all around.
Hand Lettering Essentials Products WashiGang
Lettering Artists to follow on Instagram:
Kelly Creates on Instagram and in our shop.
Amy Latta on Instagram and in our shop.
Abbey Sy on Instagram and in our shop.
Megan Wells on Instagram and in our shop.
Sarah Alberto on Instagram and in our shop.
What are some of your favourite hand lettering artists? 

Thanks for reading, WashiGang Crew!!! We hope you're feeling super inspired to get into some hand lettering. Are you keen to try? Don't forget to send us your creations on Instagram @washigang or share your hand lettering in our Facebook Group! 

Photos via Unsplash
Photo 1 Via Rachel McDermott
Photo 2: Via Kelly Sikkema

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