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Ocean Themed Stationery Staff Picks

Ocean Themed Stationery Staff Picks

Mossery Twinbook Dive underwater ocean coverHi WashiGang Crew!

It's WashiGang team member Emily, here! Last Wednesday was World Ocean Day and I had a beautiful day at the beach doodling in my journal. I'm a big fan of the ocean! I love snorkeling, swimming and spending time at the beach, and my favourite animal is the dolphin, of course!!! I'm currently really excited for whale season and am spending a lot of time looking out for the first whales of the season!! Is anyone else a beach and ocean lover like me?

We have lots of fun beach & ocean themed stationery in the shop and I thought I'd pick a few of my fave items to show you!
Ocean themed doodles art journal

World Ocean Day Art Journal Spread

Here is my spread for World Ocean Day. I did a few practice sketches in my Mossery Sketchbook for fun and then did the final spread in my Dingbats Wildlife Blue Whale Journal. I love sitting at the beach and doodling ocean animals, coral and shells! I used the Dingbats Atopens from the Primary and Pastel packs.
World Ocean Day art journal spread
I already have this super fun 'The Ocean Gets Me', Blue Q pencil case from WashiGang, that I use to keep my Atopens in! It is the perfect pencil case for my beach loving personality, but we also have so many other fun pencil case designs (and tote bags) in the Blue Q range! The Blue Q pencil case is actually made from 95% recycled post-consumer material, which makes me love it even more! The Atopens can also be recycled and come in recycled packaging.Blue Q recycled pencil case
Atopens are my favourite dual brush pen to doodle with, as the fine tip is a bit thinner than the Tombow Dual Brush pen and the brush end is nice and flexible. I love the way the pen ink layers as well. I also have a big collection of Tombow Dual Brush pens... but I'm finding that I use the Atopens more at the moment and love them!! Eco-friendly Blue Q pencil case & Dingbats Atopens at the beach
I created my final spread in my Dingbats Wildlife Dot Grid Blue Whale Journal, because I wanted to use an eco-friendly journal for World Ocean Day... AND it has a WHALE on the front cover!!! I'm also a big fan of this journal, the vegan leather cover has a really nice texture and the pages are soooo smooth to write and draw on. I love that Dingbats are vegan, use FSC certified sustainably sourced paper and degradable & recyclable materials, as I care for the environment and love to support environmentally friendly businesses. Eco-Friendly Dingbats Blue Whale Journal
There are so MANY fun Ocean and Beach themed stationery items in the shop! Here are a few items on my Wish List right now!

Beach & Ocean Themed Stationery:

Mossery Dive Twinbook with underwater scene on cover
Mossery Twinbook - Dive
I need to admit that I already have this Mossery Twinbook with the Dive cover art... so it's no longer on my wish list! I love it so much!!! How pretty is the underwater cover? The Twinbook is a half notebook and half undated planner inside that is refillable, so it's a great every day companion. The Planner side also includes a habit tracker, goals, priorities, favourite lists, a space for values and lists, weekly and monthly planner spreads.
Shop the Mossery Twinbook & Blue Pentel Energel-X Gel Ink Pen here!
Sea shell stickers and ocean stickers
OMG HOW PRETTY are all of these sea shell and star fish stickers and washi tapes!!!

Appree Nature Stickers - Sea Shell
The Appree Shell Nature Stickers are transparent, so you can stick them onto kraft or dark paper. I'd love to decorate my planner with these! Find sea shell stickers here!

MASRY Masking Tape Sticker Set - Ocean
Masry make super cute sheets with little washi tape strips & stickers. They're perfect for planning while traveling. They fold up into a handy matchbook size pack, and are much less bulky than taking washi tapes and sticker books. I would 100% use these on a beach holiday. Find the MASRY Ocean Masking Tape Sticker set here!

World Craft Washi Tape - Shell
This World Craft Washi Tape is like a sweet little charm bracelet filled with shells and starfish, with holographic silver foil and blue foil accents. Shop World Craft Shell Washi Tape here!

Mind Wave Japan Die-Cut Washi Tape - Nami
I love this die-cut wave washi tape. It would look soo pretty as a border! Shop Die-Cut Ocean Washi Tape here! Ocean themed writing set and recycled blue green gel pens
Study Holic Marine Biology Writing Set
If I'm sending a letter it needs to be on this Marine Biology Writing Set!! This is so fun!!! I love that it looks like a page from an encyclopedia about marine life! Find the Marine Biology Writing Set here!

Pentel Energel-X Gel Ink Pens
These are so great! I just got one in Turquoise Blue and I love the vibrant colour! The Pentel Energel-X Gel Ink Pens are made from 85% Recycled Post-Consumer Material. As you already know, I'm a big fan of supporting eco-friendly initiatives. They also contain quick drying gel ink, so they are the best gel pens for lefties. My husband is a leftie and I watched him use my Pentel Energel-X Pen to fill out a form (anxiously) and he did not smudge!! But also please don't use my favourite pens! Can we make a sticker for that, Shannon? Hands off my pens!!! These are my pens - no touch!!!
Shop Pentel Energel-X Gel Ink Pens here! (Blue hues are best for an ocean theme!)Greenigo Wood Covered Notebook with reef pattern cover and washi tapesGreenigo Wood Covered Notebook - Colourful Corals
How pretty is this reef patterned cover by Melbourne based illustrator Hayley Sinnatt? These eco-friendly notebooks have wood veneer covers that are made from sustainably sourced wood and are filled with recycled paper! We love that these are designed and made locally, too! Shop the Colourful Corals Notebook here!

Here are some super pretty reef and sea life washi tapes to match:
(Top to bottom)
BGM Japan 'Nature Poetry' Washi Tape - Ocean
BGM Japan Washi Tape - Ocean Bottom
World Craft Japan Washi Tape - Sea
BGM Japan Washi Tape - Ocean Depth

Dingbats Reef Journal and washi tape
I also really love this Dingbats Earth Journal (when I get another Dingbats Journal) with the reef cover.

If you're an ocean lover, like me, send us your ocean themed planner and journal spreads! You can find all of your beach & ocean themed stationery supplies here!
World Ocean Day art journal spread
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