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It's cat month this April! 🐈 Save 5% when you purchase any 3 items from our cat-themed stationery collection - SHOP NOW
It's cat month this April! 🐈 Save 5% when you purchase any 3 items from our cat-themed stationery collection - SHOP NOW
What kind of Happy Planner should I get?

What kind of Happy Planner should I get?

New to Happy Planner

A bit confused about all of the different options and trying to work out which Happy Planner is right for you? We’ve got you covered! Let’s break it down!
Which Happy Planner are you?
Planner Sizes:
Our Happy Planner’s come in 3 different sizes. 

  • Mini (11.74cm X 17.78cm) 7 discs
  • Classic (17.78cm X 23.49cm) 9 discs
  • Big (21.59cm X 27.94cm) 11 discs

When ordering Happy Planner accessories, it's good to know how many discs your planner has so that you can make sure your purchase is compatible with your planner. You can do this by counting the number of slots in the accessory pack or note paper that you're ordering. 
Happy Planner MiniTypes of Planners:

Dated: Dated planners include all of the dates for each month so that you don’t need to add them!
Happy Planner DatedUndated: Undated Planners are perfect for a more flexible planner - add in your own dates, remove a page if you make a mistake, or only use your planner when you need to schedule in busy times. 
Happy Planner Undated
Types of Planner Layouts:

The vertical layout is perfect for the planner that follows a daily schedule. Vertical planning has plenty of space for decorating and makes it easy to read your day’s activities and errands in top to bottom format. Happy Planner Vertical Layout
Which Happy Planner are you?Hourly: The Happy Planner hourly layout includes a weekly view of your planner in which each day is divided by hours so that you can organise your days to the max. 

Horizontal: The horizontal layout is perfect for the planner that loves to write (similar to a classic diary). Horizontal planning has lots of space to include detailed plans to help you map out your entire week. (It’s also great for daily journal entries.) Happy Planner Horizontal LayoutDashboard: The dashboard layout is a functional layout with a horizontal weekly page layout on one side, and space for errands and daily tasks on the other side. Dashboard planning is perfect for the planner that likes to see appointments, to-dos, monthly lists and goals at a glance. Happy Planner Dashboard LayoutWhich Happy Planner are you?Monthly: The monthly layout is great for goal setting and list making. If you’re the type of planner that likes to plan entire months out in advance, this is the layout for you. Happy Planner Monthly LayoutSpecialty Planners: Specialty planners all have special layouts tailored to specific interests, with a mix of dated and undated layouts. 

Meal Planners
Wellness (Mind/Body/Mental health wellness)
Faith (Spirituality practice)
Budget (Includes budget tracking layout)
Recipe Organisers (Include layouts and dividers for adding your own recipes)Happy Planner Recipe PlannerHappy Planner Budget
Happy Memory Keeping: The Memory Keeping Journal style planner for keeping photos & recording memories of special events, family holidays and special life memories. 

Notebooks: We also have Happy Planner note books that come with blank, lined or dot grid paper. These notebooks do not have any dates or journaling prompts included. 

Guided Journals: Guided journals include questions and journaling prompts to help you on your journal journey. There are different types of guided journals with different goals. When shopping, have a look at the preview images to see some of the journaling prompt layouts for each journal. 
Happy Planner Guided JournalAccessories

Discs: Most Happy Planners come with plastic discs, however DELUXE Happy Planners come with metal discs. Metal discs are more sturdy and resistant to breaking if you accidentally drop or squash your planner. You can also purchase different coloured discs to customise the look of your planner, or different coloured metal discs to help make your planner last longer. 

Extension & Accessory Packs: Happy Planner extension packs are a great addition to your planner! Customise your planner by adding some additional planning options such as: daily notes, wellness prompts, budget tracking, household tasks etc. Extension packs also include extra dividers so that you can organise your new planner sections and fun stickers. Happy Planner Extension Pack
Happy Planner Extension Pack
Sticker Books: Sticker books can be used for both decoration and function! Customise your planner and make it your own with fun stickers. Create different themes and styles within your planner - week to week or month to month. Or why not try out some more functional stickers such as boxes to separate notes and schedules, words such as “Weekend”, “Coffee break”, “Due date” and dot points to help you make lists.

Thank you so much for reading!! We hope this blog post has helped to introduce you to the fun world of Happy Planner!!! Once you get started, you'll find the meaning of #plannerpeace and what it means to find the perfect planner that's just right for you!

So, what's next? It really depends on what you'd like to use your planner for! If you're not too sure, have a read through our blog, where there are lots of great tips and tricks, as well as some great guest blog posts on different types of planning.
Happy Planner Layout
We suggest starting simple. Think about your overall goal for your planner: Is it to become more organised? Track your progress? Get motivated? Start a wellness journey? Or is it a creative outlet? Start by finding your journals purpose, then add in any important dates and set about planning your goals. There are many ways to decorate your journal, such as, thinking of a weekly or monthly theme, colour, or style, adding motivational quotes, illustrations, washi tape and stickers. Keep it simple to start with. It doesn't have to be perfect, so we recommend filing your planner with all of the fun things that you love, so that planning brings you joy! 

If you have any more questions, feel free to send us an email and we'll be more than happy to help! We also have a great Facebook Group community where it's always a safe space to ask lots of questions about planning and sharing our planning journey together! 

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Nicole Suzanne Brown - October 5, 2021

Love this blog post! Being a newbie #happyplanner myself I was yet to get my head around all the styles and lingo. I’m sure I will refer to this blog post often until I get the hang of it

Ange Honnery - September 28, 2021

Such a great blog for newbies! Getting started can feel super overwhelming!

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